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The Joy of Milk

In our quest and collaborative endeavor to ensure pure, unadulterated nourishment to the next generation we laid the foundation of Aahan Farms in 2017, away from the hustle of a busy city at a picturesque upcountry village Dulhera Chauhan in the lap of Mother Nature surrounded by lush greenery near Meerut.

Getting pure and unadulterated food a distant dream these days. Almost 90% of the milk available in market is mixed with water soluble such as pesticides and antibiotics. Large milk companies also make milk powder and then process it as per market demand leaving the milk with very less nutrients. Local supplies by milkmen are also laced with water and other harmful ingredients.

Aahan is the first completely modernized dairy farm and processing center in this region with Indian and Exotic cows providing farm fresh milk to its patrons. It has indeed the best milk available in this region. The milk is branded as "Milknjoy" the joy of milk. It is farm fresh & organic milk, untouched by human hands, free of any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics and is in its purest form. We have the best cow and buffalo breeds and have Holstein-Friesian, indigenous Red Sindhi, Jersey, Sahiwal, Gir cows and Murrah Buffaloes providing both A1 and A2 protein milk. Our animals are pampered and fed with the best quality greens, grains, silages and mineral nutrients. The result is Milknjoy; elixir of life. Our new generation deserves it

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The Joy of Milk

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